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Due to COVID-19 we are now only open for pottery collections and Pottery Take Away Packs until we can re-open safely.

Give us a call before you drop by to pick up a pottery painting take away kit!

How the Pottery Take Away Kits work -

1) You pay for your ceramics that you want to paint (check out our price list page which lists what's normally available).

2) Look at our colour plate below and choose your colours. The paint plate shows what happens to the colours when you layer them.

We offer small paint pot jars (41ml) these are £2 for a full pot and £1 for half. The pack comes with a sponge and a mini potters instruction card. Paintbrushes are available also £5 for 6 brushes.

3) Send us an email with your ceramic choices and paints and we can cost this up for you and confirm.

4) Let us know when you’re coming to collect the take away pack. The idea is that you only return the pottery and the instruction card as soon as you can, as it will take 2 weeks for me to glaze and fire your items and we do get very busy over Christmas!

We have loads of pottery characters for kids to choose from including animals, superheroes, princess money banks and we have a wide range of pottery items for adults to paint too!! For adults, you can paint bowls, mugs, plates, clocks, photo frames, vases and much more!

We are currently following the governments health guidelines.

Colour Plate
Cups Take Away

Here's how it works

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Step 1

Give us a call or send us an email and book yourself in.
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Step 2

Choose a piece of pottery from our wide range and grab yourself a banding wheel to start painting your masterpiece!
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Step 3

Choose 4 colours to start with for your pallet from our sample of 25.
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Step 4

Start Painting! We have sponges, stencils, tape and fun writer pens to help you achieve your masterpiece.
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Step 5

We glaze and fire your pieces so that they’re ready within two weeks. We wrap and pack your pottery up and give you a buzz when it’s ready for collection!
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We have just spent a delightful time with our 4yr old painting some pottery as a treat for her birthday. Our daughter loved the painting and there were lots of figures to choose from. The fabulous lady who was running the pottery made me & my husband a cup of tea/coffee which was very welcome and she was extremely friendly. The prices are very reasonable and we will be returning very soon for more painting fun!!

Claire Gladman

Future Picasso's in the making...

  • Pottery Butterfly
    Pottery Snake
  • Pottery Bowl
    Pottery Sun Plate
    Pottery Bowl
  • Pottery Egg Cups
    Fox Pottery

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