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From the 13th of April we will be able to offer imprints by appointment only...

Baby feet & handprints onto pottery are increasingly popular gifts and keepsakes, enabling you to capture a precious moment in time. As they out-grow the nest it’s always lovely to have a little something that lasts and reminds us how small they used to be!

We have a wide selection of pottery to choose from and staff are on hand to advise what pottery will fit. We also have a great selection of paints available and have glazed and fired samples for you to browse.

Staff are well trained, but sometimes we need to re-print if those tiny hands and feet keep moving! We also offer some basic artwork such as names and ages and can decorate your products with stars or hearts - which are all hand painted by staff for a nominal additional cost.

We are following government health guidelines, which advise mums and dads need to wear masks and clean children's hands and feet before prints. Staff will also be wearing masks and will be cleaning the surfaces down when you leave. 

It takes us 4-6 weeks to glaze and fire your products and we will contact when they are ready for collection.

Please re-frame from bringing food into the studio. 

Mini Potters StarMini Potters StarMini Potters StarMini Potters StarMini Potters Star
Such a lovely creative and rewarding afternoon. Thank you.

Eleanor Gould

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  • Heart Foot Print
    Hand Printed Plant Pot
    Selection of Hand Prints
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    Hand Print Picture Frame

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