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Clay Imprints

Beautiful gifts for your loved ones

By appointment only... 

Clay imprints are a wonderful way to preserve a memory of your little ones hands and feet forever. They make beautiful gifts for parents, grandparents and the rest of the family.

We roll out the wet clay ready to capture your baby’s feet and handprints and staff are on hand to make sure the prints are tip-top! We always take another sample just in case!

It’s a long process for us to smooth the clay down and to let it dry out naturally, so it will take us up to 4-6 weeks for us to prepare and fire it for you.

Sometimes it can be a tricky job to get the prints right, but at mini Potters we are dedicated to getting you the best possible prints. Once you’re happy with your prints we will then fire them, mount them on coloured card of your choice and frame them for you, or you can just have them glazed as a paperweight. We have a range of frame sizes available for you to choose from.

The frames are then packaged up for you to collect.

We are following goverment health guidlines, which advise mums and dads need to ware masks and clean children's hands and feet before prints. Staff will also be wearing masks. 

Every care is taken to create your products how you would like them however, it should be recognised that these are natural products, handcrafted and inconsistencies should be seen as part of the nature of the product.

Mini Potters StarMini Potters StarMini Potters StarMini Potters StarMini Potters Star
Super fun day today with my little girl and friends! We had a private session for 7 of us and our 7 month old babies! It was great fun! Highly recommend!!

Katie AC

Capture precious moments in time...

  • Blue Hand Print
    Silver Foot Print
    Pink Foot Print
  • Purple Hand Print
    Blue Hand and Foot Print
  • Clay Hand and Foot Prints
    Clay Hand and Foot Print
    Hand and Foot Prints

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