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Pottery Painting Fun, down at the farm a great activity for all the family.

Fox Pottery

Our normal opening hours are Monday - Friday 9:30-2:30pm 

Closed Monday 3rd June

If you wish to book a session, please email us at and we will respond to you as soon as we can. 

 If you’re looking to capture a baby hand or footprint into clay or onto a plate, mug or photo-frame, staff at Mini Potters have lots of experience and are on hand to assist you to get the best possible prints.

If you want to come down and spend some time painting a ceramic pot, we have lots of stencils, an inspiration book, sponges and fun writer pens to help you with your creativity.

Fancy a NCT meet up? If you can book a group of 4 mums/dads with babies each customer will receive 15% off their total bill!  

Fancy a pottery painting party? You can hire our space for kid's parties, adults, hen dos, work activities, baby showers or just do a fun activity with your mates. 

We now offer 'Pottery Take Away Kits' which can be painted at home. These can be ordered online or from the studio, or you can pop by and pick one up, just give us a call and let us know when you're coming down. You can choose your pottery pieces and paints and take them home to paint at your own leisure! Drop them off when they're ready to be glazed and fired and we will give you a buzz when they are ready, (takes 2-3 weeks).

Our normal opening hours are Monday - Friday, 9:30-2:30pm (we open at the weekends for parties only) however our hours are subject to change over the holidays. These will be updated on our website.

We are a very small team, so please be patient with us, we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell or have any covid symptoms.

We can only keep your pottery for one month, so please come and pick it up before then. We are happy to hold onto it for longer if you let us know. 

More about the process...

The pottery process does take time, especially in busy periods. Each piece must be glazed which makes it water proof and food safe once fired. It is then smoothed down individually and topped up with glaze before it's loaded into the kiln. 

Our pottery if fired in an electric kiln which heats up to 1050 centigrade, so it's much hotter than your oven at home. It takes 8 hours to reach temperature and then another 12 hours to cool down before we can unload it. We have a large kiln and try to be as energy efficient and try and fit in as much pottery in the kiln as we can. This is why pottery takes 2-3 weeks. 

As these are hand crafted items, glazed and fired in a kiln - we do occasionally have imperfections. If we can't fix these, you can re-paint the same item again and we will glaze and fire it for free. Sometimes clay can crack in our clay imprints due to air bubbles, warping and drying out too quickly. If we have any issues with your clay imprints, we ask you to re-visit the studio so we can re-take your babies imprints again, but this doesn't happen very often. 

We recommend that you hand wash our products and don't use them in the microwave. 

Colour Plate
Cups Take Away

Here's how it works

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Step 1

Give us a call or send us an email and book yourself in.
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Step 2

Choose a piece of pottery from our wide range and grab yourself a banding wheel to start painting your masterpiece!
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Step 3

Choose 4 colours to start with for your pallet from our sample of 25.
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Step 4

Start Painting! We have sponges, stencils, tape and fun writer pens to help you achieve your masterpiece.
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Step 5

We glaze and fire your pieces so that they’re ready within two weeks. We wrap and pack your pottery up and give you a buzz when it’s ready for collection!
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We have just spent a delightful time with our 4yr old painting some pottery as a treat for her birthday. Our daughter loved the painting and there were lots of figures to choose from. The fabulous lady who was running the pottery made me & my husband a cup of tea/coffee which was very welcome and she was extremely friendly. The prices are very reasonable and we will be returning very soon for more painting fun!!

Claire Gladman

Future Picasso's in the making...

  • Pottery Butterfly
    Pottery Snake
  • Pottery Bowl
    Pottery Sun Plate
    Pottery Bowl
  • Pottery Egg Cups
    Fox Pottery

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