Clay Imprints



Clay is a wonderful way to preserve a memory of your little ones hands and feet forever. They make beautiful gifts for parents and the rest of the family. Sometimes it can be a tricky job to get the prints right, but at mini Potters we are dedicated to getting you the best possible prints.

Once your happy with your prints we will then fire them, mount them on coloured card of your choice and frame them for you. The frames are then packaged up for you to collect at a later date.

We can capture your babies feet and hand prints into clay. It’s a long process for us to smooth the clay down and to let it dry out naturally, so it will take us up to 4 weeks for us to fire it for you. Feel free to pop in and look at our examples we have in the studio. Please book an appointment with us for clay prints. 

  "clay-hand-and-feet-prints"    clay-handprint